Pool Liner Bead Types

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Most liners will use the "Type 3," standard bead. However, not all beaded liners are the same. Please compare the bead on your old liner with the pictures below. Select the correct bead type (1-5) during the online ordering process.

Note: If you're not sure what bead you need, please give us a call and we can help you select the right one that will fit your pool properly. This will make your liner much easier to install and will eliminate the possible need to return the liner.

Another Note: Some people refer to the Unibead (shown in # 4) as a "J Hook" liner bead or a "J" Hook liner attachment. They are so close in design, it makes them interchangeable.

Still not sure? Order your liner, then send us a piece of your old swimming pool liner bead and we will be sure to send you the correct liner. Be sure to include your name and address along with a phone # so if we have any questions, we can get back with you.

Send samples to:
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Esther Williams Pool Liner Bead
Kayak Pool Liner Bead
Standard Pool Liner Bead
Unibead or J Hook Pool Liner Bead
Wilks Pool Liner Bead