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 Domes for Shipment Overseas 

The domestic Ameri-Dome blower runs on 120 volts (60 cycles), which is the power source used in the United States. We offer an "overseas" blower option for domes going to countries that use 220 / 240 volts (50 cycles) for power. This blower option includes a larger velocity electric motor running at 120 volts in conjunction with a customer provided  "step-down" transformer. The "step-down" transformers are readily available in countries using 220 / 240 volts.

When this larger blower option is used,  the stepping down of the vol- tage and the difference in cycles makes the stronger blower run slower and equals the same output volume of air used on the standard blower in the United States. This keeps the dome at the correct pressure for proper inflation.

The "overseas" blower option adds an additional $122.00 to the price of the blower. 

Dome heaters do not require any electricity as the warm water is circu- lated through it using the existing pool pump.