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Ameri-Shield Warranty & Liner "Purchase Credit"

Ameri-Shield is designed to extend the life of your existing in ground pool liner, not to replace it. Additionally, because of the nature of the product, there may some variation in the coloring, or the pattern alignment of the sections you will receive with your order. Your order may consist of multiple sections of product. Many times, our customers will cut the Ameri-Shield into 10' (or so) sections to make the installation easier. During the install, overlapping the product at the seams is not uncommon in order to present a continuous pattern. To do so, wou will need to cut off the "T" lock off of ONE of the peices to be overlapped. Any questions on this should be asked by calling 800-982-6966 prior to installation.

Because there are many variables that cause a liner to fail and we have no way of knowing the exact condition of your existing liner & how the product is to be applied in the field, we cannot provide a warranty on the Ameri-Shield product. However, our experience tells us that it works well on nearly all pools (95%+) on which it is installed. Should there is an issue with your order, you may return it in UNUSED condition for a refund minus a 25% restocking fee and the cost of shipping. Please contact us for information on returning the product and obtain an authorization to ship number.

We sell MILES & MILES of Ameri-Shield each year to hundreds of satisfied customers. Many of our customers extend the life of their liners by a few years.

Although we cannot warranty the product for a specific pool, we can offer a "Purchase Credit" to our customers on the sale of a new pool liner when needed.

"Purchase Credit" details: When you are ready to purchase a new liner for your pool, we will credit you 50% of what you paid for your Ameri-Shield product. The new liner must be purchased within 3 years (36 months) of the original Ameri-Shield Invoice and be purchased directly through Ameri-Brand. Note: "Purchase Credit" does not apply to shipping charges.