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An average swimming pool will lose approx. a quarter inch of water nearly every day. There are 2 main factors why this happens.

  1. Evaporation: This occurs as the water molecules escape from the surface of the water and turn into vapor. This happens constantly whether the water is warm or cold. The ongoing movement of air (wind & breeze) over the surface of the water greatly increases the evaporation process and more water is lost at a faster rate.

  2. Temperature: Generally, warmer water evaporates more readily than colder water.

Covering Your Pool to Save Water & Money

With the ongoing droughts and severe warming trends, water has already become a valuable commodity in most areas of the country. Looks like water is quickly becoming nearly as expensive as gasoline. By covering your pool, you will conserve water and money.

Our Ameri-Brand swimming pool domes and swimming pool covers will help you to conserve water and therefore also save you many hard earned dollars!