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Qualified Installer Program
How the Program Works for Our Customers

1. We'll base your purchase price of the product by size of the product and materials you select & you'll purchase your product directly from us, Ameri-Brand Products Inc.

2. After you purchase the product, we'll contact a Qualified local installer for you and provide you with their contact information. This phase of the job should not take more than 3 business days. If for some reason we cannot find a Qualified installer in your area, we will refund your purchase price.

3. When you contact the installer, you'll arrange with them a job-site visit so they can look over the project and measure it to verify the size, shape, and materials you've selected. During the visit, they will also check to see if there's anything unusual about your project that might affect your product selection or installation.

4.You will get a Firm Price for the install directly from the installer at this time. Our Qualified Installers agree to install our products based on our Recommended Installation Price Guide. There is a copy of it posted HERE. Your installation price may vary slightly from the Recommended Installation Price Guide if both you and the installer agree that the project warrants it. You will make the final decision if the installer, the install price, the product price, and the work schedule will work for you.

5. Once step 4 is completed, the installer will then confirm with us the exact specifications for your job. Any adjustments (if needed) to the purchase price of the product are made directly between you and Ameri-Brand Products Inc. at this time. Should there be any reason you determine the product, installer, time-frame, or price will not work for you, we will fully refund your purchase price. Only when all parties are in agreement is the job then Released to Production and then shipment.

6. The product is then manufactured to your specifications and shipped directly to you, the customer. After receiving the product, contact your installer to arrange the installation.

7. You will pay the installer directly for the installation after the job is totally complete. We assume the liability for making the product properly and the installer assumes the liability for a proper installation. 

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