Dome Zipper Replacement


Your replacement zipper is an exact duplicate of the original zipper in your dome except that it has male snaps instead of being welded into the dome. Please adhere to the following instructions when installing your new zipper panel. If you are installing a replacement zipper for the first time, follow all eight steps. If this is a replacement for a replacement zipper, follow steps one, two, three, and four only.

  1. Using sharp scissors, trim 3/8" of material off of the entire perimeter of the replacement panel. This will reduce the overall length and width of the replacement panel by 3/4".
  2. Again, using the scissors, slightly round the four corners of the replacement panel.
  3. Using the male snaps on your replacement, attach the new zipper panel to the female snaps surrounding the original zipper on the inside the dome. Tuck the edges of the new zipper panel into the clear vinyl flap inside the dome. You may perform this step with the dome deflated or inflated. Make sure that the zipper pull will be in the same position as was the original when the zipper is closed (not upside down).
  4. If the dome is deflated, inflate at this time.

  6. Open the zipper(s) approximately two feet and place one foot inside the dome and leave one foot outside. This allows you to get close to the top of the zipper so you can use a single edged razor blade and count down three teeth from the top of your ORIGINAL zipper and make an incision between the teeth on both sides of the zipper. DO NOT cut into the white nylon reinforced material surrounding the zipper.
  7. Repeat step 5 at the bottom of the original zipper.
  8. Again using the scissors, cut the original zipper out of the dome along the line where the zipper is sewn into the white nylon reinforced material. DO NOT cut into the nylon-reinforced material! DO NOT accidentally cut into your new zipper. This step will permanently eliminate your original zipper and all you will see from the outside will be the teeth of your replacement zipper.
  9. Trim any loose strings so they do not interfere with the action of the new zipper.



  1. Deflate dome and get the zipper panel laying as flat on the deck as possible.
  2. *Using scissors or a single edge razor blade, carefully cut the old zipper out where it is sewn in to the reinforced material only. Do not cut in to the reinforced material or anywhere else. When properly done, you will have an opening approximately 3/4' wide and in an ā€œLā€ shape. The purpose is to create an "L" Shaped gap that will expose the new zipper teeth once the new zipper is snapped into place. Be sure to trim all loose threads so they do not interfere with the operation of the new zipper.
  3. "Fish" the new zipper in under the old zipper and snap into place.
  4. Using a heavy (upholsterer's) style needle and monofilament fishing line, stitch the new zipper into place all the way around the perimeter about Ā¼ā€ in from the edge of the new zipper panel. This step is necessary to supplement the snaps and to keep them from popping loose in wind conditions. The stitching will also greatly improve the air seal around the replacement zipper panel.

*Note: Step #2 is necessary only when replacing the original zipper.

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