Installing the Snorkel Tube on a Dome Blower

Step 1

Place blower in normal operating position and lay the snorkel tube near the air outlet. The oval shaped hole should be facing up and furthest away from blower.

Layout blower and snorkel tube 

Step 2

Preheat snorkel tube by holding it in front of a heater or hair dryer. Soaking in warm water also works.

Step 3

Tilt blower on its backside so that air outlet is facing upward. Stretch the snorkel tube over the blower outlet all the way to its base. (the tube should be pulled down as far as it will go.) See example pictures.

Step 4

Position the retaining ring as shown. Slide retaining ring as shown below. Align so the the "sealed" portion (seam) on the ring is centered on the bottom of the blower.


Step 5

Attach snorkel tube to blower with the 6 screws.

Securing snorkel tube to blower with screws
Screw placement on dome blower

Step 6

Slide metal tube through the oval shaped hole into the snorkel tube to support the cable of the dome.

Inserting metal support tube into snorkel tube