Swimming Pool Safety

Safety Is Everyone's Concern. Every liner comes with a safety
packet containing the following pool safety publications.

Here's What You Get with Your New Liner!

You will also receive our liner care booklet, and your fifteen year pro-rated warranty certificate is also included. Please read all the enclosed information to help create a safer environment around your above ground swimming pool.

swimming and water safety pamphlets

These are the 3 pamphlets you will recieve. Children Aren't Waterproof, Plan Your Dive, and Pool and Spa Emergency Prodecures for Infants and Children. These pamphlets were put our by the (NSC) Nation Safety Council, (NSPI) National Spa & Pool Institute, and (NSPF) National Swimming Pool Foundation.

no diving stickers

This is the No Diving Shallow Water sticker.

NSPI saftey booklet

Full 17 page booklet put out by the (NSPI) National Spa & Pool Institute.

WE DO NOT RECOMMEND DIVING IN ANY SWIMMING POOL. Even if the pool or liner is designed to meet NSPI diving standards (Consult your NSPI certified pool professional for details). Diving can result in serious, permanent injuries, or death. It is mandatory to affix the supplied "NO DIVING" labels to the liner as shown in the warranty.