Converting a Skimmer

The skimmers can be converted to accept a vinyl liner as shown in the drawings on this page. Your skimmer may look different, but the oncept to convert them is usually the same.


This is a typical Skimmer used  on a concrete or plaster based swimming pool.
Construct  a "chase" out of 1/2" ply- wood. It should fit tightly into the existing skimmer and remain flush with the pool wall. The OD needs to be exactly as shown (8"x6") in order for our fittings to work.


Bolt a piece of plywood into the wall to fully cover the skimmer opening. Overlap the wood by at least 4 inches on both sides and the bottom. Using wood deck screws, secure the plywood onto the face of the "chase".


Mix up some concrete. A wetter mixture is best as it will tend to flow more consistantly around the chase and walls.

Pour the concrete in from the top . Fill up the opening with the concrete until it is level with the surrounding deck. Tap the face of the plywood with a hammer or mallot to help settle the concrete and distribute it more evenly.


After the concrete dries, remove the plywood and the "chase". It may be necessary to break apart the "chase" to remove it. Use tile grout to fill in the holes on the pool wall and to seal the internal mating surfaces where the old skimmer joins with the new concrete.


Surface the area where the AB-1084SK Base Plate is to be attached. The area to be surfaced needs to be 2-1/2" to 3" wide on the face of the perimeter of the new skimmer opening.

Using concrete lags and flat headed screws, secure the AB-1084SK Base Plate with the O-Ring to the surfaced area around the skimmer.

After mounting the Base Plate, use some plaster to "feather" the pool wall to the same profile as the Base Plate.