Converting Return Lines Etc.
To convert a return line, pool cleaner supply line, main drain or just about any other type of water fitting that either removes or supplies water to your pool, use the directions found below.

return line to be retrofitted.

Shown above is a good example of a return line that is to be converted to accept a vinyl liner. Follow the instructions below to retrofit your wall fittings.

hand held cutoff saw for concrete

Mark about a square around the fitting to use as a guide. Using a handheld cutoff saw with a concrete cutting blade, cut at least 6" deep into the pool wall as shown.

sledge hammer to remove concrete

Use a small sledge hammer to chip out the excess concrete in between the cuts. Be sure not to damage the pipe stub that protrudes from the wall while hammering. You will probably need a chisel to cleanly remove the concrete immediately surrounding the PVC pipe.

tubing cutter for internal pvc pipe

Use the tubing cutter that is supplied by Ameri-Brand Products Inc to remove the excess PVC pipe in the wall. Adjust  the cutter so the cutting blade will cut the PVC pipe about 3 to 4 inches deep into the wall. The pipe stub must be protruding at least 1-1/2" from the concrete AFTER you've made your cut..

assembling and attaching the pipe fittings to the pool wall


Attach the coupler (D) to the stub (E) in the wall. Screw the threaded Wallfitting (A) on to an 1.5SL1.5MPT adapter (B). Measure and cut a small section of 1.5" PVC pipe (C) to complete the attachment of all the pieces to the wall. Push all slip fit connections fully into eachother. Cut the section of pipe (C) as needed to achieve a final length that aligns the back-side of the Wallfitting (A) so it becomes flush with the wall of the pool. After you're sure of the fit, remove the pieces and glue all of them together with the exception of the wall fitting. Let's call this assembly (F). Glue the assembly to the stub (E) in the wall. Do Not put the Wallfitting (A) on at this time.

pipe sticking out of wall for retrofit on pool liner.

Glue a small section (8 to 12 inches) of 1.5" PVC pipe to a 1.5SL1.5FPT adapter. We will call these 2 joined pieces assembly (G). Place Teflon Tape on the threads of the (F) assembly protruding from the pool wall. Screw assembly (G) on to the end of (F). ONLY SCREW IT IN 2 TURNS. Wrap the complete unit with wax paper (like the kind used in the kitchen) and secure it with scotch tape or masking tape.

foaming the water supply line in place.

Use expanding foam sealant to completely fill the hole around the pipe assembly and let it expand out of the hole. Allow this to dry completely before proceeding to the next step.

cutting the wall foam flush with the pool wall using a hacksaw blade.

Wrap one end of a hacksaw blade in a rag to protect your hand from the blade. Slice the foam as close to FLUSH with the pool wall as you can. Slice it completely around the pipe assembly sticking out of the foam.

Installing the liner wall fitting.

Remove the temporary pipe (G) from the end of (F) by unscrewing it 2 turns. Install the liner wall fitting (A) by fully screwing it into the wall. The wall fitting is now ready to accept your new swimming pool liner.