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Double Walled Heavy Duty Frame

The HEAVY DUTY Tubing we use to make our frames helps to make our top The Highest Rated Bimini Top Product on the market. Compare the Thickness of our main bow tubing with any other bimini top offered on the internet. There's a LARGE difference in the wall strength when a "Double Wall" system is used. (Outside diameter is 7/8" in both examples shown) With Thicker and Stronger Tubing your bimini top frame will provide more years of shade and fun on the water than your average bimini top tubing. That's another reason why we can offer a 10 Year Warranty!

Ameri-Brand Products Double Wall Construction Alternative single wall constructions

Heavy Duty Tension Snaps

Bimini Buckle form AB Inc.

Ameri-Brand Buckle: In heavy winds or while "under way", our bimini tops are secured to your boat with Heavy Duty Chrome Plated Snaps and 1" wide black webbing straps with Stainless Steel Adjusting Buckles. You can be sure that Ameri-Brand buckles will keep your top secured tightly to your boat in almost any condition.

Other bimini buckle

Competitor's Buckle: Above is a snap and a strap from another brand of top. This setup is fine for calmer conditions, or small sail boats, but the top should be folded down or removed if windy conditions arise, or when the boat is on "plane".

HEAVY DUTY Fittings and MORE!

bimini swivel mounting bracket

The Heavy Duty Hardware we use is second to none. Every component is designed for rugged use and heavy demand. Also, our screw fasteners are Stainless Steel. Fittings can also be upgraded from rugged black nylon to stainless steel fittings, if desired.

Now, all Ameri-Brand Bimini Tops come with the new "Universal" All Angle Swivel Mounting Brackets in the Cool Kit. This makes mounting your new bimini top to virtually any surface an easy endeavor. These specific brackets Eliminate the all too common issue of receiving a new top and not having the correct hardware for a proper installation.

FREE Quick Release Pins!

quick release pins for bimini top mounting

In addition, Ameri-Brand Bimini Tops come complete with Stainless Steel Quick Release Pins. This allows for instant placement or removal of the top without the need for tools! A $19.00 Value for FREE!

FREE Zippered Boot

bimini storage boot

With Your New Ameri-Brand Bimini Top, you receive a FREE Matching Zippered Storage Boot. A great way to keep your top in "Tip Top" shape when it's not being used on the boat. This also helps to hold the top together when towing the boat down the road.