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Inground Pool Cover FAQ

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Q. Should I use a mesh or solid pool cover?

This is probably the most common question we get. The primary issue in most cases is SAFETY.

If there are small children or animals involved, ALWAYS use an ASTM compliant SAFETY MESH cover. A safety mesh cover will not allow water to aggregate on top of the cover, and therefore virtually excludes the possibility of accidental drowning. (Yes, a safety mesh cover will not stop the very fine particles of dirt from filtering through the cover when it rains or snows and you probably will need to do a little extra clean-up when you open your pool in the spring.) This is a very small price to pay when it comes to a child's safety. Mesh covers are also less expensive than a solid cover.

A solid cover on the other hand will normally stop all particles from entering the pool. However, even with a pump or mesh drain panel, the solid cover will almost always allow a considerable amount of water to collect on top of the cover. They also are extremely slippery from the normal build-up of particles on top of the cover and the moisture. Many people compare them to a "Slip-n-Slide." If a small child wanders close to the edge of the pool, it's hard for them to determine where the decking/coping ends and the pool begins as the tensioning of the cover tends to make the cover look flat. This is a big issue after dark or in a shady situation. If the child were to step off of the deck onto the solid cover, they would almost surely slip directly into the pool. At this point, the weight of the child can force the cover down and all the water on the cover rushes to the lowest point on the cover where the child is located.

A solid cover can be used when there is no possibility of a child getting near the pool in an unsupervised situation.

Mesh vs. Solid, to prevent algae growth (click HERE for info.)


Q. Can I use a "stock" cover on my irregular shape or sized pool?

(example: I have a 16 x 32 oval or kidney shaped pool and plenty of deck space. I want to use the rectangular cover that's cheaper and I know it will fit over the pool just fine.)

A. Sorry, but the answer is no. Although the cover would physically fit over the pool, there would be no warranty and it would probably fail or become unsafe in short order. Our covers are designed with a heavy duty "wear strip" under the webbing to keep the underside of the support webbing from coming in direct contact with the edge of the pool (This area is normally where a cover will fail due to the abrasion of the webbing on the rough deck surface from normal expansion and contraction on a spring tensioned cover).

All pool covers should have this wear strip manufactured into them at the proper location for each specific pool. If the wrong shape cover is used, it's easy to tell as the actual shape of the pool is quickly worn into the underside of the cover at the areas where the protection should have been.


Q. Why should I select an Ameri-Brand Cover over another brand?

A. Simply put, our cover is manufactured to the highest standards possible. We also take our covers to a much higher level of safety and product quality. Our double webbing speaks for itself. In addition, our A-B verifier measuring program and preset measuring diagrams guarantee you a perfect fit, even on the most complicated pool designs.

All 2 or 3 major manufacturers of covers use pretty much the same components from the same suppliers. In reality, these components are the best available on the market. The difference really boils down to price and construction of the cover. Some companies have huge marketing schemes developed and in their advertising, display large animals standing on their covers. In reality, any one of the 3 largest manufacturers covers would withstand that test. (It does look impressive though). The cost of this expensive advertising is borne by you, the consumer. Our advertising costs are kept as low as possible.

Some brands of covers now come from upstart companies out of the US. A word of caution is applicable here. Since warranty and fit issues are normally handled by the manufacturer, It might would be nearly impossible to rectify any problem that might occur. For your information and protection, our covers are made in the US, in the Chicago area, and shipped all over the country. We have thousands and thousands of satisfied customers!

Many municipalities and organizations use our covers as they are practically commercial grade. We make many sales to pool contractors and even some Internet Sales companies buy their covers from us!


Q. Can I attach the the cover to my lawn or flower bed?

A. Yes, Lawn Stakes can be used. They also work with "Pavers." You can see how they work by viewing the pictures below:

(They're installed with a hammer and pounded into the ground. A block of wood is used while hammering to protect the brass anchor and the tube from the hammer)


Q. When is the best time to order?

A. Normally, the pool cover season gets going pretty well the first few weeks of the summer in any given year. This means that those who order first gets their covers in a timely manner. Orders placed later in the season are subject to the "last minute rush" and production schedules vary according to how many orders come in during any given period of time. The best time to order is as soon as you know you're going to need a cover. You can see our current production schedules HERE.


Q. Can I cover the pool and the spa with the same cover?

A. In some cases Yes. It really depends on the placement of the spa in relation to the pool. Please fax a diagram of your pool to 530-589-2510, and we'll be pleased to give you our best opinion on this subject.


Q. Does your cover act as a thermal cover if it covers the spa also?

A. It helps to retain the heat somewhat. A solar "bubble" cover used in conjunction with our cover works well in the spa area.

Please feel free to give us a call with any questions you do not see addressed on this page or the other portions of our web-site. 800-982-6966

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