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Pool Cover Measuring Tips

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Make sure and print a measuring diagram before starting.

Measuring Tip #1:

A steel tape or fiberglass tape works best. Always use a tape measure that is long enough for the job. Attaching a rope, string, or other object to the end of a tape that's too small will virtually guarantee you will receive an incorrect estimate or the wrong size product! Beg, borrow, or purchase a tape that's long enough to measure properly.

Measuring Tip #2:

Use an assistant to help you measure the pool. This way you can pull the tape tightly enough to provide accurate dimensions.

Measuring Tip #3:

Measure in Feet and Inches rounding up or down to the nearest inch.

Measuring Tip #4:

Measuring a pool with radius corners doesn't have to be difficult. If you have radius pool corners (round looking) and are not sure how to calculate a radius, check out the diagram below for a quick lesson on how to measure a radius corner.

measuring a raduis corner on a pool corner
Measuring Tip #5:

The 2 most common measuring mistakes are "estimating" or "guessing" a dimension and misreading the tape. Here's an example of misreading a tape: You're looking down at the tape and say it's pulled out to 28'-11". As you look down, the eye tends to catch the 29' mark (as it's right next to the 11" mark). 29'-11" is accidentally written down and now we're a whole foot off! This happens more times than you could imagine. We usually can catch such a mistake when calculating here at the office, but it's an inconvenience for both you and us.

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