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Alternate Dome Installations:

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Not every pool is an in-ground with the perfect amount of concrete deck space for dome installation. ThePool Dome fits a wide variety of applications and can be installed several different ways. Pool domes can be used for In-ground and Above-Ground Pools. Here are several examples of fully functional, alternate installations that Ameri-Domes to be setup on above ground pools and pools without standard dome footings.

  1. Water Tube Anchoring
  2. Installing Domes on Wooden Decks
  3. Installing Domes on Ground
  4. Installing Domes on Grass
  5. Going up and Down Steps
  6. Small Dome on Large Pool
  7. Special Installation Needs?
  1. Water Tube Anchoring   Water Tube Anchoring sample for a Pool Dome

If your pool deck is not a candidate for our cable anchor hold down system we now have other options available for you. We can make your dome with a water-tube ballast system to hold it down.

To keep your new dome from "migrating" off the deck or worse yet into the pool, we need to secure it to prevent excessive lateral movement.

To accomplish this tethering, we manufacture a vinyl sleeve on the outside of the dome directly above the water tube. This sleeve is designed to accept a 4 or 5 foot length of 1" or 1-1/4" diameter PVC pipe which is easily found in the plumbing department of any home improvement center.

Here we show 3 different types of anchoring for a water tube dome.

  • Method 1. Securing to existing brass pool cover anchors.
  • Method 2. Securing to Eye bolts and concrete anchors.
  • Method 3. Securing to Stakes.

This type of dome can also be anchored to secure fences, posts, etc.

Typical spacing on anchor points for water tube domes should be no less than 5' apart.

Note: Water tube domes have a 7% up-charge on the cost of the dome.

If Pool Cover Anchor Adapters (method 1) or Eyebolts with Concrete Anchors (method 2) are required there is an additional charge.

Purchaser is responsible for providing the tie-down ropes, PVC pipe, and any anchoring stakes required as we do not carry them.

For more information and pictures view our photo gallery.

  2. Dome Installation on a Wooden Deck   Installing Pool Bubbles on Wooden Decks

For a wooden deck installation, the deck must completely surround the pool. The dome is mounted to the deck using a threaded eye-bolt system. These anchors are spaced approx. every 3 foot to provide an even "pull" on the dome for strength and also to prevent wrinkles on the walls of the pool dome. An additional piece of vinyl is mounted to the deck at the waters edge and hangs down into the water in order help create a proper air seal. Normally a piece of indoor/outdoor car- pet is provided by the customer to lay on top of the deck to prevent air leakage through the gaps in the wooden deck. When the pool dome is removed for the summer, the eyebolts are also removed leaving the deck free & clear of any obstructions.

  3. Dome Installation with a Concrete Footing   Installing Pool Domes on Concrete Footings

To install a dome on the ground, pouring a concrete foundation is a good method to consider. The concrete "footing" can be poured "flush" with the ground so when the dome and anchor bolts are removed in the "off" season, the area around the pool is left unobstructed. The anchor bolts are positioned every 3' foot or so in this application. Extra area can be provided within the dome to allow for patio furniture and other items. This makes sense when small children are being supervised within the unit as the parent or other responsible individual can remain close at hand in order to monitor the use of the pool. For further specifications see our Dome Footing Diagram.

  4. Dome Installation on Grass, Dirt or Pavers  
Installing a Pool Bubble on Grass Installing a Pool Bubble on Pavers

For areas that have grass, pavers, or dirt and in situations where pouring a full footing is not desired, the use of concrete piers poured directly in the ground is another idea to think about. This method is also used for in ground pool dome installations where the deck of the pool is irregularly shaped and the wall(s) of the dome must "traverse" over a non concrete area. The tubing is 1" EMT Conduit available at your local building supply store. The dome is secured to the EMT conduit at approximate 3' intervals. Special Anchors are required and the poured in place concrete block spacing can be up to 6'. For more information on this type of installation view our Paver Details.

  5. Steps Going Up   Dome Installing for Pool Bubble on Steps

If your pool deck has steps, there are ways to accomplish that. Please give us a call, 1-800-982-6966. We have the experience to make your project work.

  6. Small Dome on Large Pool   Small dome with cable support over the water

This mounting system allows us to place a dome over pools where spanning the water is necessary. To make this work, we use a cable system, turnbuckles, an oversize air-flap seal, carabiners, adjustable ballast containers, and UV protective holders. As you can see in the photos below, it works very well. A version of the "Cable Bridge" mounting system for Commercial Domes can be found HERE.

Click on the Photos Below to Enlarge
Dome before weighted cable system Dome spanning the water using a cable system
Side view of the dome before cable system Side view of the with the cable system in place
  7. Special Dome Installation Needs:  

Should you have a special need not addressed on this web-site, please give us a call and we'll do our best to design a system that will allow you to enjoy the many benefits our domes offer!


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