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Ameri-Dome Specifications

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  The Ameri-Dome Factory:  

If a close inspection of the factory itself is any indication of the quality of our swimming pool enclosures and the craftmanship used to construct them, all indications would suggest that our product is in actual probability, the finest on the market.

Nearly 50 years of combined experience lead the management team in our factory. This team, supported by many individuals (some of which have worked together with the management team for decades) combine to provide our customers with proven designs and the finest craftsman ship available in the entire industry of vinyl fabrication.

It is not unusual for other vinyl manufacturing companies to request advice from our factory. Leads for the most difficult and unusual projects are regularly routed by the industry to us. Our hard earned reputation is your assurance of complete product and service satisfaction.

  Ameri-Dome General Specifications:  
arrow bullet Top & Walls
20 mil PVC UV Stabilized 100% Virgin Vinyl.
(no reclaimed, recycled, or regrind material is used)
Our vinyl is made in the U.S.A. It is far superior to
imported vinyls which are so prevalent today.
arrow bullet Anchor Hem
18 ounce reinforced polyester which is encased within
a 20 mil hem. (adds great stability and strength)
arrow bullet Anchor Cable 3000 lb. rated 3/16" vinyl coated continuos loop
aircraft style cable.
arrow bullet Wall Height 66"
arrow bullet Hem Height 8"
arrow bullet Ceiling Height

Center: 12' to 14' on an average dome.
The larger the dome, the higher the ceiling.
See dome width vs. height diagram.

arrow bullet Zipper Height 64"
arrow bullet Anchor Sleeves 1/2" diameter x 1-7/8" long. Expanded into deck with
center punch (supplied). Typical anchor spacing is 3'.
arrow bullet Anchor Eyebolts 3/8" diameter (threaded) x 2-1/2" long. Removable
when dome is stored and deck is left clear.
arrow bullet Corner Radius 2' or 4' depending on size of dome.
  The Ameri-Dome Blower Residential System:  

For Commercial Blower Inflation Systems select HERE

swimming pool domes and enclosures
arrow bullet Width 17"
arrow bullet Length 19"
arrow bullet Height 18"
arrow bullet Weight 36 lbs.
arrow bullet Voltage 115 (AC) 60 Cyles, 7.5 amps.
or See Overseas Blowers
arrow bullet Thermal Cutoffs 2
arrow bullet Rating 1/3 to 1/2 Horsepower
arrow bullet Turbine Diameter 9"
arrow bullet Delivery 2500-3000 cfm
arrow bullet Housing High density polyethylene

Airflow is directed into the dome with the use of a snorkel tube. This air tube enters the dome underneath the hem and cable. The blower and snorkel tube can be located anywhere around the perimeter of the dome except at a corner or directly in front of a door.

Blower with attached snorkel tube

Our Blower Does Not Run Continuosly. It is regulated by a unique type of barimetric switch. This switch activates the blower when the air pressure drops to an acceptable minimum level. The same switch also senses when the air pressure within the dome achieves optimum inflation levels and then turns the blower off. This feature not only Saves on Energy consumption (our blowers cost only about $28 to $35 per month to run), it also prevents the blower from forcing too much pressure into the dome. This feature also keeps the pressure at a very comfortable level for the people in the unit. It is adjustable to accommodate severe wind conditions.

Our switch operates on a mechanical basis and there are no complicated components involved. It is capable of operating for millions of cycles.

A laminated plywood housing is supplied to cover the blower from extreme weather conditions and restrict the entrance of any snow into the blower squirrel cage.

Be sure to check out our Ameri-Dome Heaters if you live in an area that receives freezing temperatures. It's a Great Option and makes the dome much more pleasant in colder climates.

  Ameri-Dome Construction:  

Each Ameri-Dome is custom made. We do not stock units in "standard" sizes. As each one is made to order, our customers always receive a product which was made exactly to their own specifications. It's much easier on you if we adjust the swimming pool dome rather than forcing you to alter your deck or landscape. This also ensures that the product you receive was not sitting on a shelf in a sweltering warehouse for who knows how long!

After your order is received, it is placed on the production schedule and produced in the order it was received. The engineering department uses your specifications to calculate items relating to stress, load, etc. Plans are then drawn for your particular enclosure. The plans will include the cutting charts, entry placement, and the prescribed order of assembly for your individual unit. This process enables us to provide you with an end product of quality and strength that no other company can match!

All of our products are manufactured to exacting tolerances using state of the art equipment. The actual manufacturing area is kept remarkably clean in to isolate any contaminants from the manufacturing process.

The vinyl from which the domes are made is delivered to our factory on large rolls. The rolls of vinyl are typically 72" wide and hundreds of feet long(see factory photos). They and are reduced to the proper widths with the use of a "slitter." The material is fed through the slitter's razor sharp blades and then placed on the cutting tables.

Using the plans provided by engineering, the individual sections of the enclosure are then hand dimensioned to form each panel. While this is occurring, the cable anchor hem assembly is manufactured in another area of the plant. The panels are "welded" together to form the walls, ceiling, and corners of the unit. This "welding" process is completed with the use of "radio frequency" (RF) sealing machines and is more commonly referred to as "vulcanizing". Using this process eliminates the need of using liquid adhesives which are not only unsightly, they are unreliable. This "welding process" produces an end product that is both attractive and extremely strong in structural integrity.

Certain components areas of the swimming pool dome are stitched. One of these is the zipper entry which is sewn onto a polyester reinforced panel and then attached to the desired area of entry. This stitching is generally used in areas of unusually high stress.

These methods of construction ensure that your dome will provide you a maximum lifespan and years of trouble free service.

  The Ameri-Dome Anchoring System:  

The Ameri-Dome is anchored by a series of removable eyebolts and a continuos loop of vinyl coated steel cable with a 3000 lb. test rating. The cable is sealed into the hem at the base of the enclosure.

Anchor sleeves are placed into the pool deck at about 3 foot intervals (see anchor spacing diagram). These sleeves are 1/2" in diameter and 1-7/8" long. In the center of each sleeve is a 3/8" threaded hole which the eyebolts are screwed into.

The cable in the hem goes through the eyebolts and the dome is now ready for inflation.

Note: We have many different types of anchoring systems available for surfaces other than pool decks and concrete. It you would like your dome to be mounted on pavers, grass, ground, wood, or whatever... Give us a call. We have developed many different anchoring solutions over the years. One of them would most likely work for you.

Anchoring eyedome for a pool domes and enclosures line of dome anchors with eyebolts Eye-bolt attached to dome anchor cable

When the swimming pool dome is taken down, the eyebolts are removed to clear the deck. The sleeves remain and are flush with the surface of the deck, leaving no obstacles. We even provide the Hole Plugs to keep debris out of the holes and a Storage bag that "Breathes" for proper dome storage during the off-season.

  How the Ameri-Dome Works:  

The Ameri-Dome is classified as an air supported structure. It must be anchored to the deck of the pool to hold it in place. The air needed to support the swimming pool enclosure is supplied by a blower which is regulated by a "pressure" switch. This switch turns the blower on when the dome needs air, and turns it off when the dome achieves optimum pressure. When the blower is operating, outside air is pumped into the enclosure. An air seal is created between the pool deck and the hem of the dome with the use of an 18" flap. This flap is "sealed" on the interior perimeter of the enclosure. The sealing ability is enhanced as the internal air pressure forces the flap down onto the deck of the pool.

Entry or exit is accomplished through the use of a zippered entry panel. If an entry is left open for an extended period of time, excessive air loss will cause the dome to begin deflation. This process takes a considerable amount of time on an average dome.

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