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  Ameri-Dome Styles:  

The Ameri-Dome offers 3 different styles of swimming pool domes. The greatest majority of our users opt for the standard unit with all 4 (or more) walls being equal in height.

A side taper or end taper unit would be used in areas where the pool dome is totally unprotected from the wind and the possibility of 65 mph or greater winds occur on a regular basis.

Another reason for using the side or end tapered units would be to protect a scenic view that might otherwise be blocked by the dome itself.

If a side or end tapered unit is used, the user's ability to walk freely on the inside of the dome (near the shorter walls) will be greatly impaired.

End Taper, Side Taper, and Standard Wall

The wall height on a standard style dome is approx. 6' high from the deck of the pool. The curve of the roof begins at the top of the 6' wall. The total height of the dome in the center is determined by the overall size of the dome. The larger the pool dome, the taller in the center. To give you a rough idea of how high a specific dome might be in the center, let's use an example of a 26' x 48' dome. This dome would be about 11'-9" in the center. Need a shorter dome? We can do it! Just ask.

  Ameri-Dome Colors:  

Below are shown the colors available for our swimming pool domes. Clear walls are the most popular. On occassion, a customer will request one or more of the walls to be a solid white or blue color. Usually it is due to the desire or need of privacy. There is a slight upcharge for this.

blue color white color
# 1 Blue # 2 White
aqua color clear color
# 3 Aquamarine # 4 Clear
(It's really clear!)
tan color Looking at a dome over 3000 sq. feet? Our commercial domes are available in a wider range of colores
# 5 Tan

When selecting the colors of your swimming pool enclosure, keep in mind the "functional" trade-offs between the different color options.

The Tan will capture and retain the most heat, but the outside light will have trouble breaking through the domes ceiling. A solid Tan top might make your swimming pool dome too dark on the inside and give you the feeling of being "closed in." In very hot climates the Tan top will make the inside of your dome much too hot to be comfortable.

The Blue will capture and retain slightly less heat than the tan, but the outside light will also have trouble breaking through the domes ceiling. A solid blue top might also make your swimming pool dome too dark on the inside and give you that same feeling of being "closed in." In very hot climates the blue top will also make the inside of your dome much too hot to be comfortable.

Aquamarine, although lighter in color than the tan & blue, will still block out most of the light source. It will not collect or retain as much heat as the tan or blue vinyl.

The white material will reflect the most amount of heat but it allows a decent amount of light to pass through.

Clear materials on the walls help greatly to allow any external light into the interior of the dome.

A combination of white and tan or blue stripes is our most popular selection for the top of the domes. This gives you the best of both options. The tan or blue color capturing and transferring the heat into the dome, and the white color acting like a "skylight" allowing the light to enter. On a unit with stripes on the top, the stripes are about 5' wide and run the "short" distance (width) of the dome.

Blue & White Stripes.
Each Stripe is about
5' wide
Blue striped dome roof
Aqua & White Stripes.
Each Stripe is about
5' wide
Aqua striped dome roof
Tan & White Stripes.
Each Stripe is about
5' wide
Tan striped dome roof

We do not make units with clear tops as the clear material magnifies the rays of the sun and the heat build-up within the dome will damage the unit. This magnification of the sun rays can also cause a severe sunburn on those within the dome in a short period of time.

Any unit exceeding 3000 sq. ft. in size must be made out of a commercial grade material (available in additional colors) and the use of a second blower needs to be considered when a dome exceeds 2200 sq.ft. If your requirements fall within these guidelines, the pricing posted on these pages will not apply. Please contact us if you are interested in pricing on a commercial sized dome. To price a "standard" or residential sized dome you can use our online dome quote.

If you would like to receive some samples of the dome material, please let us know. We will be happy to send out a "care" package to you.

  Ameri-Dome Shapes:  

Most swimming pool domes are shaped like rectangles. But, over the years it seems to go in cycles. One year our orders will be nearly all rectangles with a few 5 , 6, & 7 sided domes thrown in for good measure. Then the next year nearly all domes sold are very unique! (Ever see a dome in the shape of a Stealth Bomber?) We do get some pretty unusual requests.

We can and do make shapes other than standard rectangles. It seems when a pool supply dealer needs a real "oddball" shaped unit, they know where to find us. Normally there is no extra charge for an unusual shaped dome. If it gets really "off the wall," we may have to charge more for the engineering. If you have an unusal shape requirement, we encourage you to see the section on measuring. We make many domes that go up and down steps also to accomodate pool decks with changes in elevation.

A good percentage of our domes are made in shapes other than square or rectangular. We make all different shapes including Freeforms. Take a look at a few of the various shapes we have made recently. If you have a special need, feel free to give us a call at the 800 # shown below.

  Ameri-Dome Entry Options:  

If additional entries are needed on your dome, the time to purchase them is when initially ordering your product. Installing additional entries on a dome after it has been delivered to you is very expensive as the unit would need to returned to our factory. Prices for additional entries are located on our price page which can be accessed from the top of this page under the topic of "prices".

We also offer an "L zipper" as an option that allows for the movement of larger items into and out of the dome.

If the air within the swimming pool dome becomes too warm, the zipper can be left partially open in order to activate the blower and force the heat out through the opening while replacing the air in the dome with a new supply of fresh air.

Another dome entry option is the use of a rotary door which is typically used in commercial applications or where a larger access is needed to accomodate a wheelchair. Pricing on the rotary air-lock door can be found on our dome prices page.

Ameri-Brand has also engineered and developed an air-lock entry system as a higher quality, yet lower cost alternative to the rotary door. The Ameri-Dome Airlock Entry System is designed for quick and easy installation and once installed adds ease of entry into and out of the dome, as well as additional accessability. The Ameri-Dome Airlock Entry System is available exclusively from Ameri-Brand Products and offered only to our respectable clients and customers. Your will not find a product like this anywhere else!

View the Airlock Installation Video

Please Note:

The weakest part on the dome is the zipper. It is designed to be that way. If a huge wind were to assault your unit and force the side(s) in, the excess air in the enclosure would need to go somewhere in a hurry. The zipper is designed to be the "weak link" in the chain (It's like taking a paper sack, blowing it up with air, and holding the end closed while smacking it with your free hand. The bag pops because there is no where for the compressed air to go).

With your new dome, we include an extra zipper which is replaceable in the field. This way, if you should need to replace the zipper, you will have a spare on hand and you would not be out of commission. You can expect to replace a zipper about every 4 to 5 years from normal wear and tear.

  Ameri-Dome Sizes:  

Our manufacturing facilities can produce swimming pool enclosures up to 7,000 feet². Your dome can be any combination of perimeter dimensions as long as we do not exceed this limit. Domes larger than 3,000 feet² fall under commercial domes and require special pricing.

If a lap pool 150' x 15' is your desire, no problem. Need a 50' x 50' square ? Also, not a problem. If a very small dome is needed, here's a word of caution. The smaller the unit, the faster it will deflate during a power loss or if the entry is left open for extended periods of time. A 500 sq. ft. dome can come down in 3 to 5 minutes. A 1500 sq. ft. dome will take 15 to 20 minutes to fully deflate. This is due to difference in volume of air within the 2 differrent units.

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