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Ameri-Brand Sport Dome Cover Enclosure Specifications

Sport Courts, Basketball Courts, Tennis Courts,

Pickleball Courts, Tennis Courts, Volleyball & Badminton

 Sport Dome General Specifications: 
Shape The shape of the Sport Dome is generally a rectangle but if needed we can manufacture custom shapes. If you need a Sport Dome in a custom shape, please give us a call and we will go over possible options with you.
Top & Wall Material We use a fire retardant vinyl coated fabric similar to that used to make white water rafts. The fabric itself weighs 18.5 oz per square yard and typically white is used as it is Fire Rated, easier to procure, reflects the UV rays better and is less expensive than other reinforced vinyls. We do not make the Sport domes with clear walls. Clear windows can be added as an option.
Anchor System The sport dome is anchored to a concrete slab or footer with anchoring sleeves (redhead style) and a coated metal track stytem. The anchors are 1/2" diameter x 1-7/8" long. Expanded into deck with center punch (supplied). Typical anchoring bolt spacing onto the metal track is 1'NOTE: There must be a drain channel embedded into the inside perimeter of the sport court dome enclosure in order to control, divert, and drain any water away from the playing surface when it rains or snows outside of the dome. See the 1st sample drawing above. ( SPEC_SPD_090print.pdf ).
Ceiling & Wall Height These dimensions will vary depending on the size of the dome. The larger the dome, the higher the ceiling and walls. To see sample sizes and quotes visit our prices page.
Entries To enter or exit the sport dome we supply one "L" zipper and one airlock. If necessary you can order additional airlocks to fit your needs.
"L" Zipper Dimensions Vertical: 60" Horizontal: 40"
Inflation System The Sport Dome comes with the appropriate quantity of blower fans. These fans DO NOT HEAT the dome. Alternative heating options are available. Please call to discuss.
 Sport Dome Entry Options:  

Each Ameri-Brand Sport Dome comes with one airlock entry and one "L" zipper. The airlock is the main entrance for human traffic. The "L" zipper is comprised of 2 zippers (one running horizontal and one running vertical) and is most useful when moving things that are very long into or out of the dome that will not fit into the airlock. We use airlocks rather than rotary doors because they are more cost efficient and rotary doors on inflatable structures are no longer legal to use in most states.

 The Sport Dome Blower System:  swimming pool domes and enclosures
Width 17"
Length 19"
Height 18"
Weight 36 lbs.
Voltage 115 (AC) 60 Cyles, 6.5 amps.
or See Overseas Blowers
Thermal Cutoffs 2
Rating 1/3 - Horsepower
Turbine Diameter 9"
Delivery 2800 - 3300 cfm
Housing High density polyethylene

Airflow is directed into the dome from the blowers with the use of a snorkel tube. This air tube enters through the dome wall aided by a boot system so as not to allow air to escape through the blower opening. The blower and snorkel tube can be located anywhere around the perimeter of the dome except at a corner or directly in front of a door. To see a picture of the snorkel tubes in action visit the Sport Dome Gallery.

Blower with attached snorkel tube

Our blowers are relatively cheap to run in order to keep your dome inflated properly. They cost only about $30-$35 per month to run. More than one blower is needed for some of the larger domes, and as a general rule, the larger the dome the more blowers needed. Normal blower recommendation is to use 1 blower for each 2000 square foot of dome.

 Sport Dome Construction: 

Each Ameri-Brand Sport Dome is custom made. We do not stock units in "standard" sizes. As each one is made to order, our customers always receive a product which was made exactly to their own specifications.

After your order is received, it is placed on the production schedule and produced in the order it was received.

After the panels cut into the right shapes they are "welded" together to form the walls, ceiling, and corners of the unit. This "welding" process is completed with the combined use of "radio frequency" (RF) sealing machines as well as hot air heat sealing machines. Using this process eliminates the need of using liquid adhesives which are not only unsightly but are unreliable in achieving an air tight seal. This welding process produces an end product that is both attractive and extremely strong in structural integrity.

These methods of construction ensure that your dome will provide you a maximum lifespan and years of trouble free service.

 The Sport Dome Anchoring System: 

The Ameri-Brand Sport Dome is anchored by a series of concrete anchor sleeves (Redheads) and a treated metal track. The track holds the bottom of the dome walls securely to the deck.

Anchor sleeves are placed into the deck at about 1 foot intervals. These sleeves are 1/2" in diameter and 1-7/8" long. In the center of each sleeve is a 3/8" threaded hole which the bolts holding the track in place are screwed into.

To ensure that the dome stays held in place by the track a rope is heat sealed into the base of the wall. This rope allows much more security in vertical movement of dome as well as letting the dome inflate to it's full capacity without worry of the material slipping at the base of the wall.

Sport Dome Aluminum Track

If the Sport Dome is taken down during the spring or summer months, the track is removed to clear the deck. The sleeves remain and are flush with the surface of the deck, leaving no obstacles and allowing you to continue to play all year long. We even provide the Hole Plugs to keep debris out of the holes.

 How the Sport Dome Works: 

The Ameri-Brand Sport Dome is classified as an air supported structure. It must be anchored to the concrete slab or footer to hold it in place. The air needed to support the sport enclosure is supplied by a blower system (1 or more blowers) which keeps your dome inflated to full capacity. When the blower(s) are operating, outside air is pumped into the enclosure. An air seal is created between the contrete and the hem of the dome with the use of the metal track. This track runs along the entire perimeter of the enclosure.

Entry or exit is accomplished through the use of an airlock or "L" zipper. If an entry is left open for an extended period of time, excessive air loss will cause the dome to begin to deflate. This process takes a considerable amount of time on an average dome.

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